Potter Wasp  (three photos)
Eumenes bollii

Eumenes bollii wasp in Utah
I have only seen this species of wasp one other time so I screeched to a halt when I spotted
this one on some rabbitbrush in Tooele County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 9-18-2016

wasp and male ambush bug
I love the skinny waist and the bulbous abdomen on these wasps. The coloring is also fabulous. 
The critter it's sharing space with is a male Ambush Bug.  © Carol Davis 9-18-2016

potter wasp with a skinny waist
This was the first pathetic shot I took of one in 2010.  I knew it had to be a
Eumenes bollii, but it didn't want me to have any more photos.  This was
somewhere around Promontory, Utah.  You can see a beautiful shot
of this wasp on Nicky Davis's site here.  © Carol Davis 9-7-2010

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