Male Potter Wasp  (three photos)
Ancistrocerus antilope
with mites

male potter wasp with
I didn't see the mites on this male Potter Wasp
when I took the picture. Those little brown
spots beneath the wings are the mites.
© Carol Davis, 7-8-2020, Guardsman Pass, UT

            antilope wasp
He has mites on the left side, as well. The mites
called Kennethiella trisetosa are only found
on males of this species of Potter Wasp.
© Carol Davis 7-8-2020

male potter wasp in
You can read more about this species of wasp and
its mites on Bugguide
(scroll down the page
for a detailed description). I can only say, it's a
strange but fascinating world out there if you'll
get out and study it. © Carol Davis 7-8-2020

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