Potter Wasp   (three photos)
Genus Eumenes

potter wasp Eumenes
I was thrilled to find this wasp and quite surprised because wasps on this day were few and far between, as were
 all other insects.  This summer and fall were not very good for bug hunting.  ©
Carol Davis, 9-23-2012

potter wasp
Potter Wasps are some of the most interesting of all wasps since females make their nests like little clay
pots. I'd sure like to find one of the nests. There's a beautiful picture of one on Bugguide taken by
R. Berg here
© Carol Davis, 9-23-2012

Potter Wasp
While this may look like a large wasp because of the over-sized abdomen, it is really not that
big.  This particular one was very docile but extremely busy, hence the lack of good photos. 
I found it on the Nebo Loop in Utah County. 
© Carol Davis, 9-23-2012

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