Potter Wasp  (three photos)
or Mason Wasp
Genus Pterocheilus

 Pterocheilus wasp
When I see a wasp as beautiful as this one it takes my breath away and I feel a little privileged to have been
able to witness such beauty.  Couple that with its visiting one of the most
beautiful native bushes
 in the state, the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, and you have the makings for a
what I consider a
 Mother Nature masterpiece set on Antelope Island.  
Carol Davis 8/7/2013

beautiful potter wasp
I only got one good photo of this wasp so I had to sharpen up this shot quite a bit. I love the way it's curled up
 around the flower trying to get to the nectar.  The wasps and bees aren't the only
creatures out to visit the
  RM Bee plant, many hummingbirds, including the rufous, broad-tailed, and
black-chinned species, are
fighting over rights to these flowers. Though the flowers aren't as large as in other years, there are
many more plants decorating the arid landscape (see the photo below).  Carol Davis, 8-7-2013

rocky mountain bee plant
It's a beautiful time of the year at this little oasis on the island!!!  Carol Davis

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