Potter Wasp
Subfamily Eumeninae

mason or potter wasp in Utah
Potter Wasps, like this one I found at Red Butte Garden, have some of the most beautiful colors and
designs of all wasp as well as having strange body shapes. This one is pretty normal-looking
for a
wasp and could be confused with some of its crabbier relatives, like yellow jackets.  © Carol Davis, 6-19-2014

Eumeninae potter wasp
I get very excited when I find a Potter Wasp because they are not as common as some of
the other wasps in Utah.  © Carol Davis 6-19-2014

potter wasp
Some Potter or Mason wasps build little mud nests that are shaped like vases. You can watch a video
 on Youtube (uploaded by "The Brazil Nut) of a Potter Wasp building a nest and, upon finishing,
laying her eggs. Pretty cool!  © Carol Davis 6-19-2014

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