Potter Wasp and Prey   (three photos)
Wasp genus Leptochilus

Larvae Gelechioidea moth

potter wasp digging at larva
While I was trying to find a Hanging Thief out on Antelope Island, I glanced down and saw this wasp and its only
 concern was something it was fiddling with on a sunflower. It appeared to be chewing on the plant. I figured there
was some tasty
juice there and thought no more about it at the time.  A few minutes later I came back to see if
it was there and to my surprise, it still was so I decided to shoot a few pictures. Carol Davis 8-8-2012

hole left by potter wasp and prey
All of a sudden it took off and flew to some grass a little ways off. This is the hole it had been
digging at for so long so then I thought it might have something in its grasp. Low and behold,
it did. It had some kind of larva.  Carol Davis, 8-8-2012

potter wasp and larva
I quickly moved over to the grass where it was perched and got this shot before it flew off. 
This prey is going
to be the lunch for some future "wasp child."  I have learned a few things through the years as I've photographed
insects and spiders, if they're holding still for you, you might check to see what else is going on. They just
might have lunch in their grasp or about to capture a meal.  Carol Davis, 8-8-2012

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