Potter Wasp Nest
Subfamily Eumeninae

potter wasp nest
I was just starting to walk through Red Butte Gardens when I spotted a brown thing smaller than a marble
attached to a plant. At first I thought it was a gall but then this plant wasn't really subject to galls (that I knew
of) and it was hanging out over the edge of the walkway.  When I turned it up to take a good look I almost passed
 out because there was a little potter wasp's nest I'd been hoping for years to see.  Carol Davis, 6-11-2013

potter wasp mud nest
This tiny thing was so small, yet so perfect - I wanted to take it home with me but the wasps need their home worse
than I do.  You can see how man learned to shape their pots after these beautiful pieces of art. 
I found another
one of these in October 2014. Check it out here.  Carol Davis, 6-11-2013

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