Potter Wasp Nest
Subfamily Eumeninae

I can search for years for certain insects or spiders and then when I finally find that species, I will
(almost) without fail, find it again the very same year. This is the case with the Potter Wasp nest.

potter wasp nest
In June, 2013, I found my first potter wasp nest and in October 2013 I found another one - both in Red
Butte Garden but in different areas. Are these the cutest things ever? They are very small but look
just like little earthen jugs - which they are.  Below is a shot from the side.  © Carol Davis 10-23-2013

jug nest
This was not easy to photograph because it was hidden further into the plant than the first nest
 I saw in June.  I'd like to see a wasp in the act of constructing one sometime.  Wikipedia has some
information on the these wasps and their nests.  Potter Wasps are not aggressive and are
 helpful in controlling garden pests.  © Carol Davis 10-23-2013

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