Potter Wasp Rivalry  (four photos)
Stenodynerus anormis species group
and Ancistroceris

tiny yellow and black potter wasp
You can't begin to imagine how small these wasps are unless you know the tiny size of the flowers
from Curly-cup Gumweed.  I was watching another larger bee when I just happened to see this tiny
thing next to it in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands, Wasatch County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 9-11-2016

Eumeninae wasps
After a little bit, this other Potter Wasp came buzzing in and landed on the other side of the same
 flower.  It was not happy to be sharing the area with my tiny friend.  © Carol Davis 9-11-2016

beautiful face on potter wasp
I was thrilled when I checked out the photo and saw the beautifully-marked face of this intruder. 
I had never seen anything like it before.  It would make a great Halloween mask. I found out
today that this wasp is in the Stenodynerus anormis species group.
© Carol Davis 9-11-2016

wasps confronting one another
It came over the top of the flower and attacked the first wasp. They tussled for a few seconds and
then both disappeared momentarily. Then the original wasp came back and continued feeding.
 What a fun experience that was. I hope to find out the species of the second Potter Wasp. 
These photos were taken with a telephoto lens. © Carol Davis 9-11-2016

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