Praying Mantis - Part II  (three photos)
Dictyoptera Mantodea

praying mantis pair
I seemed to be annoying this female Praying Mantis so she gave me the "killer look".  I wasn't having much
fun either trying to maneuver my camera around in this shady area of a sunflower plant on
Antelope Island  © Carol Davis, 8-16-2009

The female finally decided she had put up with enough of my shenanigans, so she dragged
the male around the corner with her. 
The male was very careful during this whole procedure
to avoid her two front legs.  A couple of times I thought she was going to get him (and maybe
have a little snack).

male and female mantis
  Don't they both look sweet and graceful in this photo?  Maybe you'll want to think twice about picking them up, though. 
A lady I worked  with a few years ago picked up a praying mantis, like we all used to do as kids, and it bit her finger. 
She couldn't get it to release until she went inside the house and dipped the finger and the mantis in a glass of alcohol.
She said it was very painful.  I don't pick them up anymore.  © Carol Davis, 8-16-2009

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