Predacious Diving Beetle
Larvae knon as "Water Tigers"
Family Hydrophilidae

water scavenger beetle
This little beetle was sitting on the top of my car at Bear River MBR. My first thought
was that it was a Water Scavenger Beetle but then its body reminded me of a cockroach's.
I took a few pictures while I pondered and then looked closely at the legs and antennae
and knew it couldn't be a cockroach. After much speculation the last couple
of days, I've come to the conclusion that it's a Predacious Diving Beetle because
Water Scavenger Beetles have short, clubbed antennae.
Anyway, it squirmed around a lot like a fish out of water and when I tried to stand
above it on the frame of my car for a better shot, it took off. You can read more
about these predatory beetles here on Wikipedia. © Carol Davis 4-3-2016

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