Prionus Root Borer Larva
"California Root Borer"
Genus Prionus californicus
(Long-horned Beetle)

Prionus californicus
Angie Branch, who lives in Sandy, Utah wrote this to me in her email:  "I found a weird bug.
This one
was found while digging out a gambel oak tree root. It was (unless it somehow
rolled into the hole I was digging) at least two feet under the ground. It had no legs
no eyes that I could see. There were some worms attached to it. They may
have been
eating it?? I'm not sure." © Angie Branch 6-6-2015

oak root borer
Utah State University has an article devoted to the California Root
Borer Beetle and larvae. Colorado State University also has an
interesting page. Just in case you're wondering, these insects are
edible in both the larval and adult stage and you can even find recipes
on the Internet for cooking grubs like these. Yum! Thanks to Angie
who occasionally sends me photos of some of the strange insects she
finds. Keep up the good work! © Angie Branch 6-6-2015

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