Pollen Wasp carrying
Oil Beetle Larvae
Pseudomasaris edwardsii

Pseudomasaris wasp with
            oil beetle larvae
If you look at the thorax on this wasp you will see a
 little brown elongated larva. It is a parasitic O
il Beetle
larva hitching a ride on the wasp. The female wasp
will be taking these unknowingly back to
her nest. You can see a few more in the
photo below. © Carol Davis 6-24-2018

pseudomasaris wasp
These wasps, some carry the larvae, were visiting flowers that
very close to the ground at Strawberry Reservoir,
Wasatch County, Utah. You can see more of these
 on a Digger Bee
here on one of my other pages and
you can read more about the sneaky
Oil Beetle larvae here on Bugguide.

 © Carol Davis 6-24-2018

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