Pugnacious Leaf-cutter Bee
Megachile pugnata

Megachile pugnata
I love the name of this bee - Pugnacious Leaf-cutter Bee. What makes it so pugnacious,
 I wonder? © Carol Davis 8-23-2015

pugnacious leaf-cutter bee
You can find the answer to the above (pugnacious) question by visiting a really cool
web site called The Bees' Needs. © Carol Davis 8-23-2015

striped bee
Every time I take a picture of a little striped bee, I think I must already have a picture of
it, but there are so many different striped bees in the world, it's mind-boggling. Now, in
your spare time you might want to read this article on Discover Life because it has a lot
 of information on Megachile pugnata.  © Carol Davis 8-23-2015

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