Assassin Bug  (four photos)
Apiomerus montanus

assassin bug
I found this Assassin Bug at Red Butte Garden. It was in a bunch of flowers with hordes of small and
large Bumble Bees.
It was waiting for a small bee, like a Honey Bee, to stop by but the Bumble Bees
kept landing on its flower, and it wasn't happy about it.  Carol Davis 7-7-2016

red and black assassin bug with bumble bee
When it first struck this pose I thought the large Bumble Bee was a goner, but instead the Assassin Bug
just backed away as if to say "Don't attack me!" It did the same thing when a couple of small Bumble
Bees landed next to it. I was dumbfounded because I thought these Assassins would attack any bee.
Either this one was just new on the job or it had run into a cranky Bumble Bee previously. Below is
 this same species with a captured Honey Bee that I photographed in 2008.  Carol Davis 7-7-2016

assassin bug and the bee
This absolutely beautiful Assassin Bug was surrounded in Red Butte Gardens by thousands of bees and bumble bees.  I have
seen so many bumble bees in one spot.  It was freaking people out.  I just calmly walked through the flowers and as
long as
I didn't make a quick move, the bees just left me alone.  It was really a fun day with all the insects around.  I was
lucky to spot this assassin right after the capture of a honey bee.  Carol Davis, 8-5-2008

assassin bug with tp
This was one of the first shots I took in 2016 and you'll notice this assassin has some "tp" dangling off its
 tush. It was probably hard for any flying insect to take this predator seriously :)  Carol Davis 7-7-2016

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