Assassin Bug  (five photos)
Apiomerus montanus

Apiomerus montanus
It's always nice to find one of these because they are one of the
prettiest of the Assassin Bugs.  This one was having lunch
with a Click Beetle in Mercur Canyon,
 County, Utah.  Carol Davis 6-11-2018

assassin bug
I found this Assassin Bug at Red Butte Garden. It was in a bunch of flowers with
 hordes of small and large Bumble Bees.
It was waiting for a small bee, like a
Honey Bee, to stop by but the Bumble Bees kept landing on its flower, and it
wasn't happy about it.  Carol Davis 7-7-2016

red and black assassin bug with bumble bee
When it first struck this pose I thought the large Bumble Bee was a goner, but instead the Assassin Bug
just backed away as if to say "Don't attack me!" It did the same thing when a couple of small Bumble
Bees landed next to it. I was dumbfounded because I thought these Assassins would attack any bee.
Either this one was just new on the job or it had run into a cranky Bumble Bee previously. Below is
 this same species with a captured Honey Bee that I photographed in 2008.  Carol Davis 7-7-2016

          bug and the bee
This absolutely beautiful Assassin Bug was surrounded in Red Butte Gardens
by thousands of bees and bumble bees.  I have never
seen so many bumble
bees in one spot.  It was freaking people out.  I just calmly walked through the
 flowers and as long as
I didn't make a quick move, the bees just left me alone. 
It was really a fun day with all the insects around.  I was really
lucky to spot
this assassin right after the capture of a honey bee.  Carol Davis, 8-5-2008

assassin bug with tp
This was one of the first shots I took in 2016 and you'll notice this
assassin has some "tp" dangling off its tush. It was probably hard for any
flying insect to take this predator seriously :)  Carol Davis 7-7-2016

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