Resin Bee and Pebble Nest  (four photos)
Genus Dianthidium

resin bee pebble nest
I have found quite a few of these pebble nests since I found my first one in 2008 and now know where to look for
them; but, this is the first one from which the bees had actually emerged. Cool. Carol Davis 9-27-15 Antelope Island

resin bee
Resin Bee on Antelope Island. Carol Davis, 7-17-2008

resin bee
Resin Bees make little nests composed of pebbles that are glued together.  I found the one
below, quite by accident, while photographing this little jumping spider. Carol Davis 7-23-2009

bee cairn
These last two pictures were taken on Antelope Island.  I had to over-sharpen the photo
to bring the cairn into focus. Carol Davis, 7-17-2008

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