Resin Bee   (five photos)
"Say's Curved Pebble Bee

Dianthidium curvatum sayi

This little bees are extraordinarily beautiful and can be found
on Antelope Island - at least that's where I've seen them the
 most. They like Curlycup Gumweed. © Carol Davis 7-16-2019

resin bee
Here's what they look like from the other end.
© Carol Davis 7-16-2019

mating pair
Mating pair of resin bees. © Carol Davis 9-1-2016

Dianthidium curvatum sayi
I thought at first this beautiful little bee might be dead because
 she sat so still
. I got just one picture and then she took off. Luckily, I
got a
good shot. Resin Bees make nests out of pebbles like the one below
the pretty spider.)  © Carol Davis, 7-19-2013, Antelope Island

resin bee cairn
I wonder, is this spider getting paid for
watching over this little resin bee nest on
Antelope Island, Utah. © Carol Davis 7-17-2008

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