Resin Bee  (four photos)
Megachile subgenus Chelostomoides

I just happened to stop at this small plant on the
Nebo Loop while waiting for
my family and noticed this
tiny green-eyed bee making its way through the blossoms. 
I took a few photos and left.  © Carol Davis 8-5-2018

megachile resin bee
According to Bugguide, these bees use plant resin to
build nest cell walls.  © Carol Davis 8-5-2018

resin bee
This bee is actually upside down but is easier to see with the
photo flipped.  It was moving pretty fast through these
beautiful flowers (maybe pea?) © Carol Davis 8-5-2018

bee behind
Utah County is a good place to look for bees. I only
wish I had taken a few more photos since this little
buzzer was a new species for me.  © Carol Davis 8-5-2018

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