Riley's Tree Cricket  (two photos)
Oecanthus rileyi

Riley's tree cricket
Female Tree Cricket in Taylorsville, Utah.  Females have a black spot on the tail end.  She was just hanging out on the fence in plain sight
in the afternoon warmth.  Tree Crickets feed mostly on insects but are known to have a salad once in awhile.  What would a summer night
be like without the sound of tree crickets.  There's something very comforting in their song.  Carol Davis, 10-29-2008

Riley's tree cricket
This cricket was keeping her eyes on me just in case I was looking for a snack, which I wasn't.  Bugguide originally
identified this as a Snowy Tree Cricket but it has since been changed to Riley's Tree Cricket - both of these species are
found in Utah.  Read more about Oecanthus rileyi
at this location on the internet and hear other species of crickets,
as well.  You will find that not all crickets are as melodious as the ones we have in Utah  Carol Davis, 10-29-2008

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