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resting robber fly
I thought at first this fly was a Loggerhead Shrike meal that had been placed on a bush for safe keeping but
then it looked too alive for that.  It turned out to be a Robber Fly just relaxing on the end of a twig. Maybe it was
just resting after having eaten breakfast or maybe it was just waiting for its next meal to fly by.  I took a few
 pictures, went into my car to take a look at them, hopped back out to take a few more pictures, and it was gone. 
Such is life for the insect photographer. © Carol Davis, 6-15-2010, Antelope Island

robber fly
This Robber Fly at Red Butte Gardens had taken a small bee or fly for lunch. Robber Flies prey on other insects. © Carol Davis, 8-5-2008

robber fly photo
The back side of a Robber Fly at Red Butte Gardens.  This one seemed particularly pleased to be photographed since she posed
for several shots at close range.  © Carol Davis, 8-5-2008

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