Robber Fly  (three photos)
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robber fly with red wasp
This was only the second robber fly I found
on Antelope Island, which is unusual for this
time of year. I didn't find one of these red wasps
(live) on the island either, so I was a little jealous
of this robber.  Carol Davis 7-14-2020

robber fly
This Robber Fly at Red Butte Garden had taken
a small bee or fly for lunch. Robber Flies prey on
other insects. Carol Davis, 8-5-2008

robber fly photo
The back side of a Robber Fly at Red Butte Garden. 
This one seemed particularly pleased to be photographed
since she posed for several shots at close range.  More
 on the next page. Carol Davis, 8-5-2008

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