Bee-like Robber Fly
Laphria fernaldi

Laphria fernaldi on
            Guardsman Pass
I was surprised to see this Laphria fernaldi on Guardsman
pass in Salt Lake City, Utah. That makes four counties I've seen
 them in so far. Such an amazing predator.  © Carol Davis 7-8-2020

bee-like robber fly
I'm getting pretty good at spotting Robber Flies and I knew instantly
this quick-flying predator was one and
I was very happy to discover
 it was a Laphria fernaldi - and it had just captured a little wasp.  Its
 bee-like appearance makes this Robber Fly stand out, since most
 Robbers are just plain gray.
Summit County was the robber's
home - right next to the Mirror Lake  Highway.  You can see
 the others here and here.  © Carol Davis 7-27-2017

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