Robber Fly Mating Pair     (four photos)
Ospriocerus aeacus

Ospriocerus aeacus
There were actually three Robber Flies in this drama at Promontory Point. The other one
finally gave up and
went over to sulk on the barbed wire fence.  © Carol Davis 8-20-2017

black and red robberflies
Sometimes you are the hanger and sometimes you are the "hangee". In this
case, the female is the larger so the male is the hangee.  © Carol Davis 8-

female Ospriocerus aeacus
The female wondering how to get rid of this clingy guy.  © Carol Davis 8-20-2017

black robber fly
Here is the one that was left out - a male, I presume. It stayed here
 gazing off over the barren landscape
until I drove it crazy taking photos. 
This is only the second time I have seen these black Robbers.
They are gorgeous,
fascinating creatures with voracious appetit
es.  You can see more
of them here that we found near Eureka, Utah.  © Carol Davis 8-20-2017

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