Robber Fly  (two photos)
Family Asilidae
Species unknown

short-bodied robber fly
I tried to sneak up on this short-bodied, silver-striped Robber Fly munching
 on a fly in Mercur Canyon, Tooele County, Utah, but it was
very skittish.
It flew up, then landed again and I took a few photos. I still needed
to get
 closer but it was having none of that.  © Carol Davis 6-18

silver striped robber fly
As you can see, it had silver stripes on the abdomen that extended on to the belly.
It also had the shortest abdomen I had ever seen on a Robber Fly of its size.
An expert on Bugguide tried to identify it but it had him stumped. I guess
I'll have to look for another one like it in the future.  © Carol Davis 6-18-2017

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