Black & Red Robber Fly  (three photos)
Ospriocerus aeacus

Ospriocerus aeacus
We found these, along with lots of other insects,  in
 the most arid area on the planet. There was
a home
near by that probably supplied any water they needed. 
It was hot and dry this day and grasshoppers, a food
source for RF's, were plentiful. © Carol Davis 8-28-1028

black robber fly with
            red abdomen
Robber Flies are incredible hunters and these are
no exception. They are also very large and striking,
with their black head, thorax and wings. The abdomen
is a bright red so they are easy to spot, but hard to
photograph. I lucked out because it was mating season
and hunting action had slowed. ©
Carol Davis 8-28-2018

just hanging out
This is one of their favorite poses. They can see any male
rivals coming in and can also snatch an insect out of the air
faster than you can blink. They can be mistaken for wasps,
 but wasps need to be wary of these winged wonders that
we found near Eureka, Juab County, Utah.  I have another page
 showing a mating pair in Box Elder County. © Carol Davis 8-28-2018

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