Hanging Thief - Robber Fly  (four photos)
Diogmites angustipennis

hanging thief
This time last year, in 2011, was when I found my first Hanging Thief. I figured if I went again around the same
time I might find one this year again on Antelope Island. While I didn't one in the same place as last year,
I found many more hanging out in the grasses. They were on the hunt!  They sit like this and watch for
their next victim. You will see their head swivel around following insects, most of the time snatching them
in mid-air.  They look pretty spiffy with their green eyes and their "black boots". The following photos
show them in different poses. Carol Davis 8-8-2012

hanging Diogmites angustipennis
 This is the first time I have actually seen one doing ist famous "one-legged hang" while holding
its prey with its other legs. What a marvelous creature!
I couldn't get closer than about 8 feet to
any of them.
This shot was taken from about 10 feet and I had to do a manual focus because the
 fly was between two sticks.  Carol Davis 8-8-2012

hanging theives
This one was doing a two-legged hang. Another one I saw had snatched a wasp and was attempting
to eat it. It kept moving with its prey to another stick anytime I got close and finally dumped
 it and left. There's a photo of the prey below. 
Carol Davis 8-8-2012

black wasp - victim of a Hanging Thief
Hanging Thieves are about the same size as some of the Meadowhawk dragonflies.
I don't know the species of this wasp victim. 
Carol Davis 8-8-2012

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