Robber Fly
Genus Stichopogon

small robber fly
I was walking down a gravel road on Antelope Island and an insect kept flying up in front of me
and landing a few feet ahead and it kept doing this over and over. I'm sharp. It doesn
't take me
more than 10 minutes to figure out I should be trying to photograph it. © Carol Davis 7-1-2014

small robber fly with prey
Robber Flies are sometimes easier to photograph when they're eating and this one was
letting me get down to its level (which isn't easy for me with my bad knees) and take a
few shots.  That little fly it's chewing on is very tiny, which goes to show that even the
flies still have insects that prey on them.  © Carol Davis 7-1-2014

robber fly with large eyes
You know you have a cooperative Robber Fly when they let you get down and take a shot from
the front.  The eyes on this species are very unusual - they really pop out of their head (looks
a tad bit alien, doesn't it?)  I had only seen one other Robber Fly smaller than this one and it was
in southern Utah.  It was cute.  I found another one of these ten days later on the Island and
it was even a little bit smaller. I'll post that one in a few days.  ©
  Carol Davis, 7-1-2014

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