Robber Fly
Genus Stichopogon

tiny stichopogon robber fly
This tiny, tiny robber fly I found on Antelope Island has protruding eyes that look like dangling
You really have to look hard to find these predators because you just assume they're just
 another fly
.  It was very happy to be photographed.  Robber Flies just sit around, like the one shown
below, and wait for an insect to get close enough to grab.  Most often they just snatch
them out of the air.  © Carol Davis, 7-17-2014

robber fly
So I could show you just how tiny this little robber fly was, I took the pebble it was standing on.
I put it beside a dime - you can see the comparison below.   © Carol Davis 7-17-2014

rock of a robber fly

Since the pebble was approximately 9-10 mm at its widest point, the
robber fly was about the same length. It was even tinier than the
one I found on July 1.  © Carol Davis 7-17-2014

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