Sand Wasp
Bembix americana

sand wasp
There are lots of these Sand Wasps on Antelope Island. You can find them mining nests in the sand like the one
  This wasp is just beginning to dig a hole.
  © Carol Davis, 11-15-2010

The wasp will dig a hole (nest), lay eggs and provision the nest with flies after the larvae have hatched.  Eggs are laid inside
and then the wasp provisions the nest with flies, etc.  Every time they leave they reseal the opening with sand to keep
out other insect predators.  I've noticed Cicindela hanging around these nests and they investigate any holes left
unsealed. Sandy banks full of "mines" like these can be found everywhere on the island with the
wasps flying in and out at various times.
  © Carol Davis, 11-15-2010

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