Sand Wasp  (three photos)
Family Crabronidae

gorytina sand wasp
This is just another example of the beautiful wasps you can find on Antelope Island.  It was
hunting for food on a sunflower.  © Carol Davis 7-30-2013

sand wasp
This first photo was taken in the shade so the colors aren't true but it gives the over all design
of the wasp.  The only thing I could find on these wasps (
Hoplisoides) are that they nest in sandy soil
and prey upon Hemiptera such as leafhoppers, aphids, cicadas, etc.© Carol Davis, 7-30-2013

gorytina sand wasp
I love the big green eyes and the light yellow stripes next to them, which offset the orange-brown strip down
 the middle.
The wings are gorgeous with dark splotches.  The wasp was watching me the whole time I was
 photographing but didn't appear to be too concerned with my presence.
  © Carol Davis 7-30-2013

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