Sand Wasp
Genus Bicyrtes

sand wasp Bicyrtes
I found this beautiful sand wasp at Red Butte Garden on the University of Utah campus. They
 make their nests in sand and their is no shortage of that on the hillsides of Salt Lake since
ancient Lake Bonneville once filled the valley.  The sandy beaches were easy to spot
when I was a kid but now the terrain is filled with houses. © Carol Davis 6-19-2014

sand wasp
From what I have read on the Internet, these wasps hunt stink bug nymphs with which to
provision their nests. This one is taking a break to feed on nectar.  © Carol Davis 6-19-2014

black and yellow sand wasp
"Bug Eric" has a really good article on Bicyrtes wasps.  © Carol Davis 6-19-2014

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