Sand Wasp  (three photos)
possible Bembix amoena

possible Bembix amoena
After looking at many, many photos of Bembix amoena, I'm pretty sure that's
 what this
is. It is a know species in the west.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

sand wasp
This is one of the spiffiest wasps with those big green, yellow and blue eyes
and the delicate markings on the abdomen.  It was sticking its long, pointed
 "beak" into milkweed on Antelope Island, Davis County, UT.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

beautiful bembix wasp in Utah
I love sand wasps but this is the first one of this species that I've
seen.  The cadillac of wasps.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

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