Sapygid Wasp  (three photos)
Krombeinopyga pumila

sapygid wasp
            Krombeinopyga pumila
Tiny Sapygid Wasp in tiny flowers in Taylorsville,
Salt Lake
County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 7-6-2017

rare tiny wasp
This little wasp seemed to have all kinds of light yellow
or white striping on it. Sapygid Wasps are supposed
to be kind of rare, but so far I've seen two in this
family.  Here's the other, which was much larger
 than this one.  © Carol Davis 7-6-2017

little Sapygid wasp
For some reason, I just love the tiny wasps.
What great little pieces of insect machinery.
© Carol Davis 7-6-2017

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