Sapygid Wasp  (three photos)
Family Sapygidae
Sapyga louisi

little sapygid wasp
I was fascinated by these little wasps on my swamp
milkweed plant in Taylorsville, Utah, because I don't
many with very long abdomens. These were quite
beautiful.  © Carol Davis 6-27-2021

little wasp belly
Even the belly of these little wasps were striped. On
 comparing these with the wasps on Bugguide, I think
this might be Sapyga louisi.  © Carol Davis 6-27-2021

face of the sapygid wasp
While these were very similar to the

Krombeinopyga pumila Sapygid wasps I'd had
before in my yard, the markings were quite
different.  The first wide white or yellow band on
the abdomen stood out. © Carol Davis 6-27-2021

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