Satellite Fly
Family Sarcophagidae (Flesh Flies)
Subfamily Miltogramminae

satellite fly
I found these tiny flies at Strawberry Reservoir and thought initially they were tiny bees. told
me they were probably Satellite Flies.  According to them, female Satellite Flies hang around female Sand
Wasps waiting for them to bring home prey to stuff in their nests in the ground. They hover between 15-30 cm
from the wasp "tethered" to them like tiny satellites. The female flies will probably lay their eggs on the prey
as it is being put in the ground or will lay their eggs by the entrance so the larvae can wriggle into the nest and
feed off of the food, thus depriving the wasp offspring of necessary nourishment.  Also called cleptoparasites
because they steal other insects' food instead of rounding up their own - lazy butts.  Just what we need,
more good-for-nothing satellites that don't improve our TV reception.
© Carol Davis, 7-18-2010

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