Common Sawfly  (four photos)
Tenthredo maxima

yellow and black sawfly
Beautiful Sawfly visiting flowers along the Mirror Lake Highway in
 Summit County, Utah.  Adults live only a short time. © Carol Davis 7-27

sawfly wasp
Sawfly larvae in this family are leaf eaters, according to Bugguide. © Carol Davis 7-27-2017

yellow and black wasp
I was really surprised to find out this was a sawfly because of its size,
but they do come in all sizes, color and shapes.  Check out those
long yellow and black back legs. © Carol Davis 7-27-2017

sawfly face
Adult Sawflies are primitive wasps that visit flowers and sometimes become covered
in pollen. Good thing yellow is their favorite color (yes it is - that's my story and I'm
stickin' to it!) Read more about sawflies on Wikipedia.  © Carol Davis 7-27-2017

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