"Scissors Grinder" Cicada
Tibicen pruinosus

This small cicada has just shed its skin and is waiting to dry. From what I understand, the white
stringy things on the skin are the leftover linings of the breathing tubes.  The wings have not yet
completely unfolded.  Joe Richardson, 9-10-2011

cicada size
Joe Richardson took this picture in his yard in Gallatin, Missouri. He forwarded the photo
to me and I was able to get it identified on Bugguide.  This particular species is probably not
found in Utah.  Here's a sample on Youtube of the sound they make. I can't say it's on my list
 of the 100 most pleasant sounds.  Come to think of it, it does
kind of sound like scissors being
sharpened on a old grinding wheel.  Joe Richardson, 9-10-2011

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