Scoliid Wasp
Campsomeris tolteca

Campsomeris tolteca wasp
This long-bodied, beautiful wasp was taking nectar in some bushes at Tonaquint Park
in St. George, Utah. I picked the right time to visit. © Carol Davis 9-18-2015

scoliid wasp
I had to use my telephoto lens to take a picture so the detail is somewhat lacking, but it
still shows what an absolutely amazing specimen this female is.  © Carol Davis 9-18-2015

large orange and black wasp
I kept hoping she would come down lower in the bush but I think she was a little leery of my presence.
According to Bugguide, Scoliid Wasp "larvae are parasitoids of ground-dwelling scarab [beetle] grubs.
take nectar."  Males and female are a different color as you can see by some impressive photos
at Kim Moore's Nature Photography and Artwork site.  If you want to see one of these
wasps in person, you would have to hang around the very southern part of Utah
since they are a southwestern U. S. wasp. ©
Carol Davis 9-28-2015

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