Scoliid Wasp
Dielis tolteca
previously Campsomeris tolteca

Campsomeris tolteca wasp
This long-bodied, beautiful wasp was taking nectar in some
 bushes at Tonaquint
Park in St. George, Utah. I picked the
right time to visit. © Carol Davis 9-18

scoliid wasp
I had to use my telephoto lens to take a picture so the detail is
somewhat lacking, but it
still shows what an absolutely amazing
 specimen this female is.  © Carol Davis 9-18-2015

large orange and black wasp
I kept hoping she would come down lower in the bush but I think she
was a little le
ery of my presence. According to Bugguide, Scoliid Wasp
 "larvae are parasitoids of ground-dwelling scarab
[beetle] grubs. Adults
take nectar."  Males and female are a different color as you can see by some
impressive photos
at Kim Moore's Nature Photography and Artwork
.  If you want to see this particular species in person, you would have
 to hang around the very southern part of Utah since they are a
southwestern U. S. wasp. ©
Carol Davis 9-18-2015

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