Hairy-footed Scoliid Wasp  (six photos)
Dielis pilipes
previously Campsomeris pilipes

hairy-footed scoliid wasp
I got out of the car to photograph this wasp I spotted at White Rock
Bay and within seconds my head was enveloped in swarms of biting
midges. I took the bites to get these photos of one of the most
wasps on Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis 4-29-2021

wings of Dielis pilipes
This wasp was flawless with wings of pure
gold.  © Carol Davis 4-29-2021

scoliid wasp on Antelope Island
Don't panic at every yellow and black wasp you see. If you look
closely, you might find this neat species.  It's too busy to think
twice about stinging you.  © Carol Davis 4-29-2021

scoliid wasp in Utah
Location, location, location.  I saw milkweed in different
places on Antelope Island this day, but
none were wasp-active
like this particular plant.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

campsomeris pilipes
It makes my heart race when I find a new species of wasp, especially
one as beautiful as this Dielis
species.  They are quite large
 and chu
nky.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

black and yellow wasp
            on milkweed
You can read more about Scoliid wasps on
Wikipedia.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

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