Small-headed Fly  (four photos)
Ogcodes rufoabdominalis
previously ID'd as Acrocera obsoleta

Ogcodes rufoabdominalis
What are the odds that I could go to Bear River MBR on a dingy August day and find another one of these
tiny flies
laying eggs in the same area as in 2013 - only on the opposite side of the road? Slim, I tell you, or at
 least not fat.
Have you ever tried to photograph a bug on a wind-whipped weed with your right hand and swat
scores of blood-sucking deer flies with your left? This is an art not for the faint of heart (a little insect poetry). 
As you may recall, if you've ever been on this page before, the little black dots near this obese-looking fly
the eggs. Ogcodes are fascinating
creatures, if not downright weird, and you can read more about them below,
 if you have the nerve. Wolf spiders, take your anti-anxiety meds before proceeding. Carol Davis 8-16-2015

Acrocera obsoleta
I have only seen a small-headed fly once before but it was in the jaws of a flower crab spider. I guess turn-about
is fair play since these weird looking flies (as larvae) are parasitoids of wolf spiders.   Carol Davis 6-9-2013

small-headed fly
The only reason I found this little thing is  because I was waiting for a car to pass at Bear River MBR and was
scanning the grasses nearby through my binoculars. At first I thought this was a ladybug and then I thought it
might be a Gymnosoma species but with that teeny bowling-ball-like head, I finally decided it must be a
small-headed fly.  Check out the strange photo below. Carol Davis 6-9-2013

Acrocera obsoleta giving birth
I didn't really see these little black spots on the stick when I was taking the pictures because I was enthralled with the huge abdomen
on this little beast.
I thought to myself that it might be laying eggs because of its bulbous size and, in fact, it was (those little black
are the eggs.) When the larvae hatch, they trail off to find their prey which are, according to this site, wolf spiders
Aaron Schusteff on Bugguide identified this strange creature for me. Carol Davis 6-9-2013

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