Soldier Fly   (two photos)
Genus Odontomyia

Soldier Fly
I discovered this small fast-moving Soldier fly (possibly arcuata species) on Antelope Island and it was neat to
spot one because I
hardly ever see them. This one was really trying to get rid of me and my pesky camera
and took a fast trip downward through the rabbitbrush.  The fly below that I found in 2006 was dancing
on dangerous ground.  Carol Davis, 9-

soldier fly
This Soldier Fly was lucky the mating Ambush Bugs he's standing on weren't hungry because flies this
size are no match for these tough yellow and brown  predators.  Bear River is a great place to find both
 of these insects and it's fun to see how Nature works in this natural habitat--prey vs. victim - checks
 and balances - each doing his job the way Nature intended.  Here are some more pictures I took
of a very greenish soldier fly. Carol Davis, 8-31-06

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