Soldier Fly  (two photos)
Hedriodiscus binotatus

green soldier fly
I found this green and black soldier fly on Antelope Island.  I thought at first it was some kind of deer fly.
Below is a little more information on it.  Carol Davis 6-19-2009

soldier fly
Soldier flies eat just about anything when in the larval stage.  They visit flowers as adults and this one had
the misfortune of being caught in a spider web.  It was kind of dangling there so I fished it out and set in on
these buds.  Someone told me they can act lethargic and this one was doing that because I know it was alive.  It
did finally fly off.  They get their name from their striped outfits--like army uniforms.  Another species
of Soldier Fly can be found here on my site.  Carol Davis 6-19-2009

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