Soldier Fly  (four photos)
family Stratiomyidae
possible Hedriodiscus truquii


green and black soldier
One gorgeous, gorgeous Soldier fly amidst myriads of honey bees and
flies at Tonaquint Nature Park, St. George, UT.  © Carol Davis 10-8-2018

It seems that almost every time I take a photo of one of these
interesting insects, it's a different species. I just wish there was
someone who could narrow them down. © Carol Davis 10-8-2018

green soldier fly
This one had a fatter abdomen that the others I've seen and
different markings on the thorax, abdomen, and head.
© Carol Davis 10-8-2018

bee and soldier fly
Soldier Fly and a Bee. St. George, Utah. © Carol Davis 10-8-2018

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