Spider Wasp
Episyron snowi

spider wasp with white-tipped abdomen
I found these small male wasps hanging around together on a sunflower on Antelope Island.
I took the photos from my car because I was afraid if I stepped out and tried to use my small

camera that had a flash, it would spook them and they would leave.  © Carol Davis 8-17-2016

Episyron snowi wasp
It was hard getting good shots because they were underneath the leaves in the shade most of the
 time. My
zoom lens did a pretty good job considering the lighting.  Bugguide was able to identify
them to species. Wasps in the genus Episyron wasps use Orb Weavers to provision their nests and
Antelope Island has plenty of those spiders. Notice the white-tipped abdomens. © Carol Davis 8-17-2016

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