Spider Wasp
Family Pompilidae
Entypus unifasciatus or Pepsis mildei
or something entirely different

spider wasp with orange
I saw this wasp hunting for spiders (I assume) on my brother's
property in St. George, Utah.  It never held still for a minute so
the pictures I got were pathetic. This photo does show that there
 is black at the base of the antennae. © Carol Davis 10-8-2018

orange clad spider wasp
At first I thought this was a Tarantula Hawk because of the orange wings and
then, after more research, decided it could also be something different.
I'll probably never know, but it was a gorgeous wasp - not huge like some
of the Tarantula Hawks I've seen, though.  © Carol Davis 10-8-2018

blurry spider wasp
I know, your question is "what value is this blurry photo?"  My
 answer is that it shows black at the end of the wings and the
orange antennae.  The orange antennae are something I've never
seen on a wasp like this.  That's all. Darn.  © Carol Davis 10-8-2018

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