Spider Wasp
Genus Ageniella accepta

small red spider wasp
One of the traits of this wasp is that the eyes are almost parallel. This is quite evident as you look down
on the head in this photo. 
Some day I hope to get a better shot of an Ageniella wasp.  I see them quite often
 but so far they are quick and elusive.  Carol Davis, 9-16-2010

Being a spider lover, I have trouble liking Spider Wasps, but I have to admit this is a beautiful wasp.
I found it on Antelope Island, along with many other wasps, on this large sunflower plant.  For the
last half of the summer, this one plant I visited regularly was a "disco" for wasps.  I don't know what
attraction this plant had, but it was popular.  Carol Davis, 9-16-2010

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