Spider Wasp  (five photos)
Genus Ageniella accepta

Ageniella accepta spider
These are one of my favorite wasps because they are so
gorgeous; but, they are very elusive.  You have to be
quick with the shutter button because they move

fast.  Cute pose on sunflower from Antelope Island,
Davis County, UT.  Carol Davis 9-4-2018

                spider wasp
They may be cute, but Wolf Spiders don't think so since
they ar
e hunted by them.  They use the spiders to
 provision their nests
. Carol DAvis 9-4-2018

Besides being stealthy hunters, they often practice
their ballet moves.  Carol Davis 9-4-2018

Ageniella accepta spider
I have yet to get a really good shot of these wasps,
but this one was okay because of the
Rocky Mountain Bee Plant it was
 on Antelope Island. Carol Davis 8-13-2018

small red spider wasp
One of the traits of this wasp is that the eyes are almost
 parallel. This is quite evident as you look down on the
head in this photo. 
Some day I hope to get a better shot
of an Ageniella wasp.  I see them quite often but so far
they are quick and elusive.  Carol Davis, 9-16-2010

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