Spider Wasps

spider wasp with spider
During spider season on Antelope Island the wasps
are busy finding prey to provision their nests. This
one is dragging in a Desert Orb Weaver.  Below
 is another photo of the wasp. Carol Davis 6-2-2019

spider wasp
This wasp is so beautiful and pristine. It had
little patches of white on its head and abdomen.
A little white eyeliner didn't hurt, either.
  Carol Davis 6-2-2019

blue spider wasp

This very small spider wasp landed while I was trying to take
a picture of some tiny Syrphid Flies in
Red Butte Garden in
Salt Lake City, Utah.  Spider wasps are sleek, beautiful
 and fast and provision
their nest with spiders for their
hatching young to feed on. You may not have known that

something in the insect world could scare a spider!
Carol Davis, 9-19-2011

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