Spider Wasp  (three photos)
Family Pompilidae
Species unkown

black and white spider wasp
This medium-sized Spider Wasp was scouring the bushes on Antelope Island. I imagine
it was looking for spiders (really?). Most Spider Wasps are very quick and aware of
 their surroundings so I had to take these shots from a distance. © Carol Davis 8-3-2015

I see black spider wasps all the time but this one had partial white abdominal stripes
and white
around the eyes. In this photo it appears to be chewing on rabbitbrush.
We all need vegies in our diet, I suppose :]  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

black and white spider wasp
As you can see, there is also a white dot on the end of the abdomen. It appears it may also
 have some white on the thorax (you can just see it between the wings) but I could never
 get a picture of it with the wings spread  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

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