Black and White Spider Wasp  (four photos)
Family - Pompilidae

black and white wasp with a white tail
It was "Wasp Day" on Antelope Island and I was lucky enough to see this hunk while I
was there (I wish there was a holiday called "Wasp Day"). © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

tuxedo wasp
If I were to name this wasp, it would be called "Tuxedo Wasp" because it is so
dapper-looking in that black and white outfit.  I think it was going to a formal
dance or maybe a fancy-schmancy dinner.  © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

white-tipped abdomen
Did this little guy sit on bucket of white paint?  © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

white and black wasp
I don't think spiders have a chance right now because there are oodles of
spider wasps, mostly plain black, hovering around the rabbitbrush on
the Island. I love both spiders and wasps, so I'm torn. © Carol Davis

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