Spined Assassin Bug  (three photos)
Sinea diadema

spined assassin with fly
Ahhh, this is what we love to see--predators at their best--knocking off flying insects.  This one on Antelope Island
was very camera shy and kept sneaking to the back side of the stem to try to get away from me.  It never dropped
its prey, though.  The abdomen is very pretty.  I think it resembles wood paneling.
  Hmmmm, wood paneling that
 catches insects--patent pending!  © Carol Davis, 9-26-2010

spined assassin bug
Antelope Island predator. 
© Carol Davis, 9-13-2009

Sinea diadema
This is a new one for me.  Found it on a sunflower plant on Antelope Island. It has
 quite the spines around the head, thorax and front legs.  © Carol Davis, 9-13-2009

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