Spittlebug (Froghopper)  - four photos
Cercopidae Clastoptera
3/16 inch (tiny, tiny)



tiny bug
Tiny Spittlebug, also known as a Froghopper, in the wetlands of Jordanelle Dam.  In the nymph stage these little critters wallow around
in a spittle-like substance. You've probably seen this bubbly stuff on your plants in your garden.  If not, go take a look.  This has to be one
of the cutest bugs I've ever photographed.  It is so tiny (I could barely tell it had legs) and yet the colors and design are remarkable.  There
was an article in the Cincinnati Post (8/1/2003) that stated they are considered Mother Nature's best jumper (jump or be eaten).  Most
people will never even see one of these up close in their lifetime.  How sad to miss experiencing such a wonderful creation.  Buy a macro
camera, even a cheap one, and get out and explore the impressive world of insects.  Photography is addicting! © Carol Davis, 9-14-2008

spit on a spittlebug
What a spittlebug looks like most of the time--covered in bubbles!

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