Spittlebug (Froghopper)  - four photos
Clastoptera ovata

Cute little Spittle bug in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands,
Wasatch County, Utah.  ©Carol Davis 9-14-2008

Spittlebug.  © Carol Davis 9-14-2008

tiny bug
Tiny Spittlebug, also known as a Froghopper, in the wetlands
of Jordanelle Dam.  In the nymph stage these little critters wallow
around in a spittle-like substance. You've probably seen this bubbly
stuff on your plants in your garden.  © Carol Davis, 9-14-2008

spit on a spittlebug
What a spittlebug looks like most of the time--covered
 in bubbles!  © Carol Davis 7-6-2008

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